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I was hoping to meet team owner Dan Snyder with my brand “look book” to place a possible solution on the table for discussion. Writing letters did not get me to that large conference table so I arrived at the idea of sharing my work. Why not investigate if one of the names I offer can satisfy all stakeholders? Can we arrive at a name that actually honors Native Americans and enables a Native American theme to carry on for this franchise?

Owner Dan Snyder is an advertising mogul and since he created his success I hope he can respect my taking a chance on this speculative work. Often in advertising, “pitch work” is done for the opportunity to impress and secure business. I love designing stuff and providing marketing solutions.

I think of my suggestion as a “Brand Evolution” for my team. Times change. I believe enough people have spoken about being hurt by the Redskins name. I believe a compassionate appeal for change with a participatory approach can yield something positive and truly special. If it is determined that one of the names offered honors Native Americans we could have a win-win situation.

Please be sure to vote on the survey and kindly share with others.

Thank you. Kurt Jennings Creative Director

Blog Entry 1. Why?

Welcome. I am Kurt Jennings and my mission to meet Washington Redskins’ owner Daniel Snyder to share branding concepts has not been realized by letter writing and phone calls. So here I am, kicking the tires of social media, optimistic that this web-based initiative will invite the best of what this platform can offer. I hope that statistics from my built in survey will be noticed and taken to heart.

As a teenager I was a fan. I wished Washington had a better uniform – an early sign that I would become a graphic designer. In addition to being creative, I have compassion for all people and believe enough Native Americans have spoken to raise my awareness that the name of my favorite team is offensive.

In addition to designing a logo and uniform for this NFL team, it would be my honor to provide a name that is respectful to Native Americans – so the hallmarks for this brand can carry on – with all stakeholders satisfied.

Mr. Snyder is the owner of this team, and while organizations and members of Congress are requesting a name change, the decision will be his and his alone. I am offering a solution that is tangible – something to react to. In participating in this survey to register your feelings toward what you see here, you may contribute to what could be historical: a “brand evolution” vetted by support from social media.

I expect that posts on this blog will catalog the spectrum of opinion. My interest is to be respectful and show the love. For me it is the appropriate pathway. May we walk together and arrive on the right side of history.

Thank you.

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