The names “Washington Pride,” “Washington Tribe” and the fan club name “Pride Tribe” were coined by me. I hope that one or more will appeal to Mr. Snyder and he will hire me to execute designs. For now I have done the due diligence to copyright artwork and file for trademarks for the names.

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I hope you like the artwork. It is mine. Don’t copy it. It would not be right.

A few people to thank

My wording was fine-tuned by editor Monica Rodriguez.

I modified the two photos of quarterback Robert Griffin III in Photoshop. Credit for the originals go to Ronald Martinez, Getty Images. The other lovely people you see on the site are models from Shutterstock.

The base art for the helmet was a web post: Fraser Davidson’s layering of drmusicboys Revolution helmet template. Great work guys and thank you for sharing. Source:

To qualify the results of everyone’s votes I am using SurveyGizmo. If I meet with Mr. Snyder I will be able to share how existing fans and Native Americans voted.

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Thank you to Markations for their help in building a responsive website.

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